Trimming, Watering, and Beyond


Top 4 Benefits of Tree Pruning

Many homeowners are planting trees in their properties for their curb appeal. But just like a car or house, a tree needs proper care and attention. How much care you give to your trees will determine their health, strength, shape, and lifespan. One way to take care of trees is to ensure they are well pruned. Unfortunately, not many homeowners know how to do proper pru

Landscaping And Have A Sick Tree? 2 Signs You Need To Remove It

If you are landscaping your yard and notice that one of your trees looks sick, you may be able to treat it. In many cases, however, you should remove the tree. It is important that you do so as branches can fall or the tree itself could fall and damage your home or cause injury to someone. To help you know what to do, below are two signs you should hire a tree removal

The Problem With Tree Topping

You have likely seen a topped tree, which are trees pruned to have an unnaturally flat top. Topping is both ugly and it's detrimental to the health of a tree. Topping Reasons The main reason trees are topped is due to the size of the tree. In many cases, the issue is with a tree that hasn't been properly trimmed in some years. Due to its large size, the top is cut off

Understand The Expense Of Trimming Before Planting Any New Trees

Routine tree trimming can be an important part of maintaining your yard and avoiding issues where the trees could need to be removed due to how overgrown they are. Instead of being disappointed with how the trees look on your property, it's best to see what you can do to make sure that the expense of trimming your trees won't be too high. When you're beginning to plan

Five Reasons to Remove a Large Dying Tree

It can be tempting to ignore the distress of a large tree on your property in hopes that it recovers. You may even try to increase care, including pruning and watering, in an attempt to save it. Unfortunately, though, you may actually end up with a bigger problem. The following are just a few reasons why it is better to remove a dying tree, no matter how much you appr