Trimming, Watering, and Beyond

Top 4 Benefits of Tree Pruning

Many homeowners are planting trees in their properties for their curb appeal. But just like a car or house, a tree needs proper care and attention. How much care you give to your trees will determine their health, strength, shape, and lifespan. One way to take care of trees is to ensure they are well pruned.

Unfortunately, not many homeowners know how to do proper pruning, so it's advisable to seek the services of professional arborists. Here are the top four benefits of tree pruning. 

Promotes Tree Health

Tree pruning entails removing the diseased and dead branches to prevent the spread of decay. After that, the tree enjoys increased air circulation and sun exposure, allowing new, healthy branches and leaves to grow. 

If your tree is large, the nutrients available in the soil might not be enough to support proper growth and development. By cutting some of its branches, the few nutrients available are maximally utilized by the tree for optimum growth. 

Controls Pests and Insects

Pruning your trees allows you to manage pests and insects on your property. Most pests, including wasps, ants, and tent worms, love to build their nests on trees. While there, they can eat the surrounding foliage, spread diseases, and weaken the other plants on your property.

Worse still, if your trees are near your home, some of these insects can invade your home and attack you. When pruning, you can remove the branches holding their nests and throw them far away from your home. This helps to get rid of the pests and insects in your home.   

Ensures Safety

Falling branches along roadways and sidewalks can trap you as you walk, causing severe injuries. Dead branches on trees near your house can fall on the roof and cause significant damage. Some of them might even be blown off by the winds to hit and injure the people nearby. With pruning, all these branches are removed, so your home is safe and free from damage. 

Improves Curb Appeal

When your trees have overgrown branches hanging low, it affects your property's overall appearance. If it's a commercial property, it might even affect how customers view your business. 

Tree pruning allows your property to appear well-maintained. If you decide to put your property on the market, you won't struggle to find buyers. For a business, it improves your brand image, which is essential in increasing and retaining customers. 

Call a tree service if you need tree pruning.