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Tree Trimming Tips To Minimize Storm Damage

Your property may have some beautiful trees that you really love, but it is possible that they are at risk of becoming damaged in a storm. That's why it's important to be proactive with tree trimming so that storm damage can be minimized and the tree will remain healthy. Here are a few things that you should know about tree trimming.

Understanding The Risk 

Storms can bring lightning, heavy rain, and strong winds, all of which wreak havoc on trees in your neighborhood. There is the risk of overgrown or weak branches falling or breaking off, which can damage property, injure people, and cause power outages. In addition, branches can be ripped off in ways that ruin the trunk of a tree. Tree trimming is the best way to prevent these problems from happening. 

Pruning To Add Strength

Proper tree pruning can help improve the overall structural integrity of your trees, which makes them much more resistant to damage during a storm. Crown thinning is a technique that will remove select branches, which will allow air to properly flow through the tree by reducing wind resistance. Removing heavy or long branches can also reduce the weight of parts of the tree that can easily break off. 

Removing Deadwood

Dying or dead branches are at high risk of breaking off during a storm due to being in a weakened state. You'll want to have these branches identified and removed to help prevent damage from occurring during a severe weather event. Deadwood cannot only be torn off a tree by strong winds but can also become flying debris that can damage property and injure people.

Maintaining Clearance

It's crucial to deal with tree branches that are very close to power lines, your home, or your garage. Branches can pose a huge risk to the safety of structures and others if they were to break off during a storm, but sometimes it doesn't even have to go to that extreme to cause damage. Even a branch that is swaying in the wind and rubbing against a roof can damage the shingles and cause them to become weak. Maintain clearance with other items by removing overhanging branches.

Knowing when and how to trim a tree can be difficult to do on your own. Do not hesitate to contact a tree trimming company that can take care of everything for you.

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