Trimming, Watering, and Beyond

Trimming, Watering, and Beyond

Why That Tree Stump In Your Yard Is More Than An Eyesore

If you are trying to update your landscaping, you may be considering removing any tree stumps in your yard. While some homeowners remove tree stumps because they don't like how they look, there are other good reasons for removing these stumps. Read on to learn why tree stumps can be a problem for your yard and how a tree service can help How Can Tree Stumps Be a Probl

Tree Spraying Basics Of Insect Infestations

Insects can kill a tree if you don't take steps to counteract the problem. Tree spraying can be an effective means for controlling pest problems, as long as it is done correctly. Know the Problem You can't spray for pests until you know what type of pest is harming your tree. Although so-called "broad spectrum" sprays are out there, they will destroy the beneficial in

3 Things You Need To Do To Eliminate Ticks Around Your Home

Are your dogs constantly bringing in ticks from outside? Do you use flea and tick medicine on your dogs but it feels like the ticks don't get the message? Although flea and tick medicine is very good at killing off fleas or ticks that do happen to come into contact with your dog, the results are not instantaneous. It can take several days for a tick to die, depending

Summer Tree Care: Dos And Don'ts

Summer is the season when your trees really bloom and look beautiful. They offer cleaner air and add visual appeal to your property. However, adequate tree maintenance over the course of the summer is necessary to ensure that you have luscious, green trees instead of pest-infested plants. Though some parts of tree care can be addressed by the property owner, some task

3 Reasons You May Need A Tree Removal Service To Help Remove Bamboo From Your Property

Maybe you planted some bamboo because you heard it grew quickly and provided excellent vegetative privacy. Perhaps you already had bamboo standing on the property when you moved in. Bamboo can be a gorgeous plant; it is hardy in a lot of climates, it can be cut and used for everything from building structures to making fishing poles, and its long stalks can be somewha