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Have A Few Trees With Dying Foiliage And Branches? Call A Tree Service Today

If you've noticed that a lot of the branches on your trees are dying, or if you have one tree that is in bad shape and you don't want anything to spread to the other trees, it's time to call a tree service. Talk with a tree service about the changes that you've seen, and get an estimate.

Get an estimate for the tree treatment that you need, and also to have your trees properly maintained. Overgrown vegetation and trees can attract pests and create other problems over time. Here are the things to discuss when getting your quote. 

Disease Treatment

Tree diseases occur all over America. There are many different types, some more popular in certain areas of the country than others. The tree service professionals should be able to come to your home and figure out what specific tree disease is affecting your property. Treatment could include:

The current condition of the tree, how far the disease is spread, and the type of disease will all affect how the tree should be treated.

Removal of Dead Limbs and Fallen Branches

Regular tree maintenance can help with the early detection of diseases and the avoidance of diseases. Have a tree service come and do the following:

If you don't have the equipment to remove the overgrown branches and other items that will be removed from the trees, be sure that the tree service can do the hauling for you.

Yard Treatment

You may need to get some other types of yard treatment, like pest spray throughout the property, or the removal of specific plants that could be spreading the fungal problems. Have the company do an assessment of the vegetation around your property.

If you are in immediate fear that the trees are rotting because of tree disease, and that they are a risk to fall on your home, or the property of a neighbor, let the tree service know how dire your situation is. You don't want to end up with a fallen tree and even more problems.

The tree service will have a tree treatment plan, and will follow up as needed to see how the disease treatments are working. Tree fungal or pest problems can destroy all the trees in your yard, so act fast.

To learn more, visit a local tree service website, such as