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How Do You Care For A Young, Weak Tree?

If one of your newly planted young trees is too weak to stand on its own, you may wonder if you can do something to strengthen it. Some young trees require special care and support to remain upright in the ground. Trees that don't receive the right care can become unhealthy enough to lean or fall. Learn how you can care for a young, weak tree below. 

Why Do Some Young Trees Lack Support?

Most of the young trees that homeowners obtain from nurseries and other places contain root balls. Root balls contain all of the roots young trees need to grow strong and healthy in the ground after you plant them. However, young trees that lack healthy or sound root balls may not take root in the ground properly. The trees can eventually develop weak trunks and poor root systems.   

Like older trees, young trees receive the majority of their nutrients from the soil. Trees absorb nitrogen, copper, and other nutrients through their root balls. However, some root balls can be deformed or defective.

Defects, such as sparse, small, or kinked roots, may hinder the growth and development of young trees. The deformed or defective roots won't receive enough nutrients from the soil to strengthen the trees' trunks as they grow. Trees that suffer from weakened trunks can bend easily during storms. 

If you suspect your young tree's root ball is deformed or defective, consult a tree care provider today. You may be able to strengthen your tree without uprooting it from the ground. 

How Do You Support Your Young Tree?

Before a tree care provider does anything to your tree, they'll inspect the soil surrounding the tree's root ball. Some types of soil can be nutrient deficient. If your tree's root ball doesn't receive enough nutrients from your soil, it will become weak and unstable. A provider can use mulch, organic fertilizer, and other methods to improve the quality of your soil.

If the soil surrounding your tree's root ball is healthy enough to sustain its growth, a tree care provider can take other actions to stabilize your tree. One of the things a tree contractor may do is place large wooden stakes around your tree's root ball. The stakes will help the tree's roots grow deep within the ground, keep the tree's trunk upright as it grows, and protect the tree's trunk from strong winds.

A tree care provider will discuss other things they can do for your young tree after they visit your home. Contact a local tree service to learn more about tree care.