Trimming, Watering, and Beyond

Why It's Important For Your Landscaping Efforts To Include Maintaining The Trees On Your Property

Landscaping is important for your commercial property since neglected grass, trees, and shrubs might make a bad impression on your clients. You might have scheduled lawn care services so your grass stays tidy, but you may not give much thought to your trees and shrubs. They need occasional landscaping services too. Here's why.

Tree Branches And Shrubs Grow Fast

Trees and shrubs can shoot up and out during the growing season, and uneven growth can make them look shaggy. Shrubs are much more attractive when they are trimmed and shaped. This might need to be done a few times during the growing season so shrubs add to the beauty of your property.

Tree branches can grow so fast sometimes that they're a hazard before you realize it. The branches can grow toward power lines or down toward a sidewalk and become a liability. Regular trimming keeps branches under control so you don't have to call for emergency tree trimming services when you notice a problem.

Trees Can Damage Your Property

Overgrown trees are unsightly, and they can even be damaging to your property. When branches get too close to your building, they can scrape at the siding or tear at the roof. This could cause expensive building damage over time. The damage can escalate during a storm when strong winds cause the branches to whip wildly against your building. It's best to have branches trimmed far from your building so they won't get too close before the next scheduled trimming.

Trees And Shrubs Can Cause Obstructions

When branches grow wild, they can obstruct things that need to be seen such as a sign that marks your building or gives directions to drivers. Branches can also obstruct the line of sight from your parking lot to the street so drivers are put in danger as they inch out into traffic.

Shrubs near your foundation can grow tall and obstruct the windows. This not only blocks the view to the outside, but the shrubs can provide vandals a place to hide while they're trying to break into your building. A landscaping service can keep your trees and shrubs trimmed and orderly so they don't bother your buildings or signs.

Overgrown Trees Can Annoy Your Clients

When trees get bushy, they can be annoying if they scrape the top of your head or poke you in the face when you walk by. Clients looking at their phones or down at their feet as they walk may not even see low branches until they run into them.

Branches can also scrape against car roofs, especially after it rains and the limbs droop due to the weight of the water. You don't want to annoy your clients by having problem trees on your lot, so having them trimmed when they need it is a good way to keep the limbs from bothering people who visit your property.

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