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How To Protect Your Trees From Pest Infestations

Trees often have some characteristics that make them pest-resistant. However, if a tree is attacked by the wrong type of pests or if your tree is in a weakened state, it's more likely to perish if it has become infested with pests.

How Insects Damage Trees

Some insects can be dangerous to trees because the insect will burrow into the tree and eat the tissues. The damage done to the tree will prevent water from passing through the tree. There are also pets that chew on the leaves of trees and make it difficult for the tree to engage in photosynthesis.

How to Find Dangerous Pests

Make sure to inspect your tree for signs that it has become infested with pests. Try to identify actual pests that are infesting your tree and look for any boreholes. Look for any trees that are discolored or that have any evidence that they are being chewed on. Check to see if the new growth looks healthy or if it is twisted.

Strategies for Protecting Your Tree

Pests are the most likely to attack trees that are dehydrated. Therefore, you'll want to water your trees as much as possible. Also, a tree that is watered enough will be stronger and will be more likely to resist an attack by pests.

Full-Service Tree Experts Know How to Fight Pests

If you aren't sure what type of pest is attacking your tree or how to protect your tree from pests, a full-service tree expert will be able to help. You will especially want to contact tree services in the spring when they will be the most vulnerable to pests.

For many pests, the best treatment depends on the type of pest you are dealing with. For example, if your tree is being eaten by caterpillars, glue bands may be able to protect your tree from them. For other trees, you may need to spray the tree with insecticides made from natural oils so you can kill any pests feeding on your tree.

Horticultural Oils are Effective in Some Cases

Horticultural oils only need to be applied to a tree a single time. They tend to kill pests because they make it more difficult for a bug to breathe and the oils also interfere with the ability of the bug to reproduce. However, in some cases, you might need stronger measures and some trees might actually need to be destroyed to prevent the pests from moving to other trees.

Reach out to a tree service company for more information.