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How To Tell If Your Tree Needs To Be Removed?

Do you have a tree on your property that is not doing great, and you're wondering if it needs to be cut down? Here are some things to look out for to know if tree removal services are a good choice.

The Canopy

Take a look at the canopy of the tree when the warm summer weather hits, since a lot can be said about the tree's health based on the leaves. That tree canopy should be flourishing with green leaves, which is an indication that there is growth and that the tree is healthy. If there are very few leaves that are brown in color, it's likely that the tree is dying. 

The Trunk

There are several things that you should be looking for with the trunk of the tree to tell if there is a problem. Things like bark that is easily peeling off the tree, trunk rot, splits, cracks, and other warning signs that something is wrong. While a few cracks and splits are not a reason to immediately cut down a tree, it should be taken into consideration with other warning signs. 

The Roots

Look at the ground around the tree where the roots are located. A common sign that the roots are rotting is that there are a lot of mushrooms around the tree. There will also be roots that lift up out of the ground. This is different from roots that have grown above the surface and lifted roots are a sign that the tree is actually tipping over and the roots are coming out of the ground. 

The Potential Damage

Not all dead trees need to be removed. This is because dead trees actually contribute to the ecosystem, with them being a home for animals and bugs to live. If the tree is in a place where nothing will be damaged where it falls, it is safe to leave the tree as is and allow nature to take its course. 

However, be concerned when you have a large tree that is located near a house and has the potential to fall on it. Having all of the warning signs of a dead tree that is leaning could make it more prone to falling down during a heavy storm with strong winds. 

Think it's time to cut down a tree on your property? Reach out to a tree cutting service in your area for more information.