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You May Need A Tree And Stump Removal Service To Clear Your Yard For A Driveway Expansion

If you're planning to widen your driveway or make other changes to your property but a big tree is in the way, you might decide the right action is to have the tree removed. A tree and stump removal service can clear the land so you can use it for another purpose. Here are a few details to know about tree and stump removal.

You Might Need Approval To Remove A Tree

The tree removal company can explain the process of removing a tree when it comes to codes and regulations for your local area. You might need permission from your city to remove a tree over a certain size or a certain species of tree. Also, it might matter where the tree is located since your city is responsible for trees in their easement, and you may not be allowed to cut down a tree in the city's or utility company's area of responsibility.

You Can Remove A Tree In The Winter

You can remove a tree in every season of the year as long as the weather isn't extreme. If you're planning your project for spring, you may want to get the tree and stump removed in the winter so you can get started on your driveway expansion as soon as the weather is warm enough.

You Might Remove The Stump By Grinding

Tree removal and stump removal are considered two separate services. However, they may be done by the same company, which is convenient. The most convenient and easiest way to remove a stump is to use a stump grinder. The tree and stump removal service has to bring down the tree first and clear out the debris. Then equipment can be brought in to grind down the stump.

A stump can also be pulled out of the ground, but the huge chunk of tree has to be handled and removed with that option. A grinder turns the stump into sawdust that can be buried in the hole made by grinding away the tree stump.

The depth of the grinding is controlled by the stump removal service. If you plan to put a driveway over the area, the contractor will grind the stump deep enough to remove the roots so you don't have to worry about the tree trying to grow again and causing damage to your driveway.

When you have full tree and stump removal services, the tree company hauls away all of the big chunks of wood brought down by sawing. They may run the smaller limbs and branches through a mulching machine on the spot. The company uses a variety of large equipment and saws to remove a tree, so the job can be noisy and even dusty when cutting down a tree and grinding the stump.

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