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Cleaning Up After Removing A Tree From Your Property

Tree removal is common if you have a tree that is dying or sick. The tree removal service can come and remove the tree, but deciding how to deal with the stump is something you will need to consider. There are some recommendations from most tree services and some reasons to consider stump removal

Why Consider Stump Removal

Most tree removal services will cut a tree low on the trunk to minimize the stump left behind. However, leaving the stump in the yard is not always the best choice because it will rot slowly, and grass or weeds may grow up around it. 

If the tree was in a part of the property that you maintain and mow regularly, it could become a hidden obstacle for the mower, and running over it could damage the blades on the machine. If you have to leave the stump temporarily, marking it with a flag or stack with ribbon in it is an excellent way to ensure you do not hit it with a lawnmower or other yard equipment. 

It is also important to remember that as the stump is rotting, it can attract insects and bugs to the stump, and over time, some of the insects may move to healthy trees on the property or make their way into your home. You can spike the stump with insecticides, but that also opens up the chance that the material will more into the ground and other plants nearby, damaging them.

Stump Grinding

The most effective method of stump removal after cutting a tree on your property is to have a contractor use a stump grinding machine to remove the stump for you. The stump grinder will cut the tree stump into small chips of wood that you can put into the hole where they will decompose and mix with the soil.

The chips will rot much faster than the whole stump and will not attract the same kinds of insects to it. You can mix some soil in with the chips after the stump is ground down entirely and spread the material out smoothly so you can walk or drive over the area without any concern. 

While you can rent a stump grinder to remove small stumps in your yard, if the stump is from a large tree, it is much more challenging to remove, and many equipment rental shops will not carry grinders large enough to do the job. The tree removal service may offer stump removal, and if they don't, they can recommend a contractor to remove the stump for you in most situations.