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Call A Stump Grinding Contractor And Get Rid Of That Ugly Tree Stump In Your Yard

When a tree removal company cuts down a tree in your yard, it isn't possible for them to cut the tree level with the soil. That's why a stump is always left behind. Some tree removal companies provide stump grinding services too, but you might have to call a different service to get rid of the stump. Grinding is one of the best ways to get a stump out of your yard. Here is a little information about the process.

A Stump Grinder Saws Away At The Stump

When you hire a stump grinding service, they bring a grinder to your yard. These grinders have a saw blade. The blade moves across the stump and grinds it to shreds. This could be a fairly long process for a big stump. Fortunately, there are grinders of different sizes. If the stump is in your backyard, the stump grinding service may need to bring in a smaller machine that fits through your fence gate.

Stumps Can Often Be Ground Down In Tight Spaces

A stump grinding professional has the knowledge and experience needed to grind away stumps in close quarters. They also know when grinding may not be appropriate if it could damage a drainfield, patio, or the foundation of your house. When stumps are in a tight place or surrounded on all sides by concrete, stump grinding might even cost more, so you may want a quote for the work before you decide if you want the stump removed.

When stumps are ground away, they are often ground down several inches under the earth so the area can be used to grow grass afterward. However, you can let the stump grinding company know how deeply you want the stump roots ground down.

The Type Of Tree Affects The Cost

The cost for stump grinding large trees is more than it is for smaller ones, but you might not know that some species of wood cost more than others. Trees with hard wood are more difficult to grind, so they might cost more than trees with softer wood. When you call the stump grinding contractor, tell them the type of tree stump and its size so you get an accurate quote.

Your Property Is Protected During The Process

Grinding a stump can be messy. Bits of wood can fly off and be potentially dangerous. However, the work crew wears protective gear to stay safe. You'll need to stay indoors while the work is being done. The crew may set up screens or mats to protect your house if it's necessary. To learn more, contact a company like Tree Landers.