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STUMP: 5 Reasons For Stump Removal

After you've had a big tree taken down, a stump still remains. Should you remove that stump? Yes. There are a few reasons why stump removal is important. Conveniently, they can be summarized by the acronym STUMP.

Shoot Growth

Usually, there is still some living tissue in a stump once the tree is cut down. This tissue may send up shoots in an attempt to survive. These shoots are ugly and consistently need to be removed. It's easier to just remove the whole stump and prevent them entirely.

Tripping Hazard

Someone could easily trip on the stump as they are walking across your land. If they become injured, it may be your responsibility to pay their medical bills. Of course, you or a family member could also trip. Removing a stump is just smart from a safety perspective.

Undesirable Look

Most people do not find stumps attractive. In fact, they are commonly considered an eyesore. Even if you don't mind the stump, your neighbors may not appreciate that it is diminishing the view from their yards. Numerous stumps could lower land values and make the real estate in the area less appealing. If you plan on selling your home at any point in the future, you'll need to have the stumps removed beforehand, so why not just do it preemptively?

Mold and Fungal Spores

Many different species of molds and fungi can infect trees. Many are harbored deep within the heartwood or vascular tissue of the tree. They can remain behind in the stump even after the rest of the tree is gone. Those fungal spores could spread to other trees in the area, infecting them. Removing the stump is in the best interest of all the trees' health in the area. 


You may not like the look of tree stumps, but termites and carpenter ants do. As soon as the stump begins decaying the slightest bit, you can bet that these insects will move in and start feeding on the wood. They can then spread to other wood structures on your land, like fences and garages. It's best to have the stump removed before these pests arrive.

So, there you have it. These are just five reasons you should have your stump removed. You should not longer be stumped as to the reasons for this service. Call a stump removal company near you and get it taken care of.