Trimming, Watering, and Beyond

Benefits Of Natural Organic Husbandry For Fruit Trees

While conventional landscaping services can keep your lawn and trees looking respectable, organic services can offer even more benefits. Here are some of the benefits you can reap when you choose organic landscaping service for your trees.

1. More Pollinators

A pollinator-friendly yard isn't just great for the environment in general. If you have fruit trees (or any vegetable plants, such as cucumbers), these often rely heavily on the services of pollinators. Many fruits and vegetables won't produce at all unless physically pollinated first, so having pollinators around can save you a lot of hand-pollinating work.

Many non-organic landscaping products aren't pollinator-friendly, meaning that applying these conventional products could decrease levels of pollinators in your yard.

2. Safer for Kids and Pets 

Whether you have pets who frolic in the yard around your trees or kids who like to climb in them or play in a treehouse, the products used for tree care matter. Often, organic tree care products use natural materials such as compost rather than chemical compounds such as conventional fertilizer. These products may be less hazardous for kids and pets.

3. All-Natural Fruit Production

If you want to produce and eat fruit that's chemical-free, organic is the way to go. And bragging rights can be a great thing too. If you have organic landscaping and tree care services, you'll be able to tell your neighbors and friends that your tree is producing all-natural fruit.

4. Avoid Marauding Insects

If you use a lot of chemicals in your landscaping, some of the beneficial insects may die off and opportunistic pests like Japanese Beetles can be left with no natural predators. This in turn means you'll have to use more chemicals to kill off the invaders, which can be an expensive cycle.

Choosing organic treatments around your trees can help to support beneficial life forms instead of killing them off. This can help to keep the area's insect populations in balance and avoid inviting more problems that you have to throw more chemicals at.

5. Avoid Chemical Overapplication Problems

Overapplication of synthetic fertilizers can cause fertilizer burns, susceptibility to disease, and even weak root systems on trees. Since organic products such as compost tend to be more balanced, you're less likely to experience these issues if you use organic products. And hiring a professional can further ensure that your trees receive the correct nutrients.

As you can see, choosing organic services for your landscaping and tree care can provide several different additional benefits that many homeowners will find attractive. For more information on the organic products and services available for tree care, contact local tree and landscaping service professionals today.