Trimming, Watering, and Beyond

A Short Guide To Trees And Their Care

Tree care is something you need to know about as a homeowner because doing the wrong things or neglecting to do the correct things can lead to serious problems. These problems could affect not only your trees but possibly other parts of your landscaping or even structures on the property. This short guide to tree care can help you learn more about tree maintenance and other tree related issues. 

Is tree pruning really necessary?

Tree pruning is very important for a number of reasons. It helps to keep your trees healthier, helps them to maintain the shape you like, and can help extend their lifespans by years. When a tree is pruned, the weak, dead, damaged, problematic, or excessive branches will be removed. The process of pruning helps to prevent branches from growing in ways that can cause the tree to become unbalanced or affect a large area of the tree. 

Pruning also prevents the tree from becoming so thick that other foliage in the yard isn't able to get adequate sunlight or from becoming so thick that the tree produces an excessive amount of small fruit. Also, when damaged or weak branches are removed, it reduces the risk of having one or more branches break during a storm and become a hazard. 

What are some good reasons for having a tree removed?

One time when you would want to have a tree removed is when it is dying or already dead, because a dead tree can fall at any time and should be considered a safety hazard. A tree that is crowding other trees and damaging them should also be removed for the sake of those other trees. A tree with root problems should also be removed because there isn't a way to correct those issues. When it has become obvious that a tree is going to be a constant concern for the well-being of the home due to its location or because it is threatening other things, such as the power lines, then it should also be removed. 

Is there a season when tree care is especially important?

It's important to pay attention to your trees and have issues tended to all year round. However, it's easier to have the health of a tree inspected during the summertime, and routine trimming can be done then as well. It's best for the tree if the heavy pruning is done during the winter months, because the tree is dormant meaning that it is at rest and it will be able to heal itself from the pruning more efficiently at this time.

For more information on tree pruning and care, talk to a tree service company in your area.