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The Dangers Of Cutting Tree Roots Without Professional Assistance

Are your tree's roots taking over your lawn or taking up valuable space? Then you probably want to do something about them. But you need to be very careful when dealing with tree roots. Cut too many tree roots and you could kill your tree. But worse than that, you could turn your tree into a safety hazard that harms you and your home during the next storm.

Only an experienced professional knows the ins and outs of tree root removal. If you plan to tackle your tree's aboveground roots, hire a professional arborist or tree service, otherwise you could face the following issues.

Your Tree Could Fall in the Next Storm

Tree roots don't just serve to feed trees water and nutrients. Tree roots are also essential to a tree's ability to remain upright — especially during storms. If you cut away too many of a tree's horizontal roots, you could cause it to become unstable. During a powerful storm, your tree could fall and damage your property or a neighbor's property.

Only a certified arborist or tree specialist knows how much of a tree's root system they can safely cut without compromising the tree's ability to remain stable.

You Could Cause Your Tree to Starve to Death

A tree has a mixture of feeder roots and structural roots. The feeder roots bring in nutrients and water to keep trees strong and vigorous. These roots are essential to your tree's survival. Remove too many of these, and you'll reduce your tree's ability to feed itself adequately. If a large tree can't take in enough sustenance to feed its many different parts, it will gradually starve to death.

A tree expert knows how to identify essential and non-essential tree roots. They also know how much of a tree's root system you can remove without harming the tree.

You Could Attract Invasive Pests

Stressed trees fall victim to pests. If you harm your tree by removing too many roots, you will weaken it and reduce its ability to fight off disease and pests. Sick and weakened trees often attract the attention of pests like termites, carpenter ants, and woodborers. This is because the branches and roots of sick trees die over time, leaving dead wood for pests to invade.

Once pests invade the deadwood of a tree, the healthy parts of that tree could suffer too, as could your home.

Don't cut tree roots without the help of a professional, otherwise, you could lose your tree and put yourself and your household in danger.

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