Trimming, Watering, and Beyond

Summer Tree Care: Dos And Don'ts

Summer is the season when your trees really bloom and look beautiful. They offer cleaner air and add visual appeal to your property. However, adequate tree maintenance over the course of the summer is necessary to ensure that you have luscious, green trees instead of pest-infested plants. Though some parts of tree care can be addressed by the property owner, some tasks should be left to a professional. If you want to ensure that your tree are taken care of this summer, here are a few dos and don'ts to keep in mind.

Do Water Your Trees in the Morning

Like all types of plants, your trees will need water to thrive. If you live in an area where the summer is particularly hot, choosing to water the trees early in the morning will provide the trees the opportunity to absorb the moisture before the temperatures start to rise during the middle of the day. Make certain that the tree is not over-watered because excess moisture can attract pests. Make sure that the tree is receiving plenty of water, which can be done by inserting a long stick directly into the soil. If this task is difficult, the tree has not received enough water.

Don't Over-Trim the Trees

Summer is a great time to perform tree trimming; however, if you over-prune, there is a risk of causing damage to the tree. A damaged tree can cause the bleeding of sap and also invite unwanted pests and fungi. Though it may be incredibly tempting to perform the trimming of the trees on your own, a professional will be familiar with how to properly remove any excess branches, roots, and buds without exposing the tree to the elements.

Do Add Mulch to the Soil

By adding a mulch layer to the soil, the roots of your tree will remain moist and cool throughout the summer season. There are many materials that can be used for mulch, as long as they are organic. For instance, you can use wood chips, bark, and gravel. Ultimately, you should create a layer that's around one to three inches deep to maintain the temperature of the soil and make sure that the tree does not lose valuable moisture.

Don't Ignore the Signs of Diseases or Insects

When you are outside soaking up the sun, insects are out there as well. It is virtually impossible to avoid bugs being on the trees; however, if there is an infestation in your tree, it will result in a shorter lifespan for your plants. Certain beetles and moths may eat away at the wood, which will keep your tree from being able to absorb and retain water. If you believe your tree has an insect issue, get in touch with a professional for a consultation.

For more information about tree care, contact a tree care service in your area.