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3 Reasons You May Need A Tree Removal Service To Help Remove Bamboo From Your Property

Maybe you planted some bamboo because you heard it grew quickly and provided excellent vegetative privacy. Perhaps you already had bamboo standing on the property when you moved in. Bamboo can be a gorgeous plant; it is hardy in a lot of climates, it can be cut and used for everything from building structures to making fishing poles, and its long stalks can be somewhat captivating in a landscape. However, even though bamboo has its positive attributes, it is also considered an invasive plant species, and it is easy to understand why.

Bamboo is actually a type of grass plant even though it is often mistaken as a tree, and it grows faster than any other plant in the world. Here is a look at why you may need a tree service to help you eradicate bamboo from your property. 

Bamboo is incredibly tough to cut down. 

Bamboo may be a grass-type plant, but there are good reasons that this is one of the most relied upon building materials in the world. Bamboo stalks are incredibly tough. The stalks are hard to cut down unless you have a chainsaw, and even then, you can be looking at sawing through hundreds of stalks just to get rid of the full stand, if not more. 

Root systems of bamboo plants can be dense and difficult to remove. 

Bamboo has extremely shallow root systems. It is usually not that difficult to pull up a single stalk as long as it is not that large and retrieve part of the roots. However, the root at the base of a bamboo stalk is not the whole of it; there are small root shoots that stem from that primary root that can head out in any direction. These small tendril roots can easily sprout new bamboo stalks if they are not removed. If you have a lot of bamboo growth concentrated in one area, the root system can be dense with both large roots and the small tendrils. 

Bamboo sprouts new growth every season and continues to spread. 

Working with a tree service to get rid of your bamboo population is important because if the plant is not completely removed, it will just come back the following growing season. If the stalks are cut down to the ground, new sprouts will start at the base of the plant. If just surface roots re pulled up, you will face a new span of growth the next year due to all the roots still present. A tree service will go through the process of removing all of the stalks and roots to make sure the issue does not return.  

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