Trimming, Watering, and Beyond

How To Take Better Care Of A Young Oak Tree

Oak trees are tall and majestic when they are mature. But if you want your oak tree to grow up this way, you do have to provide it with the proper care when it is young. To that end, here are some ways to take better care of your young oak tree.

1. Have it professionally trimmed

Oaks are not a type of tree that needs a lot of pruning and shaping, but a little trimming does go a long way. Removing any stray branches will encourage your oak to grow straight and tall, which will make for a healthier tree in the long run. A properly shaped, straight, and tall tree is less likely to lose branches in a storm. It is less likely to grow into your house or fence, requiring removal. Most tree trimming services will be happy to come shape a young tree every two or three years for a reasonable fee. It is best to leave this to the pros; it's very important to remove the right branches.

2. Mulch around it

Oak trees need to develop strong, sturdy roots. It takes a lot of water to support a large tree, and it takes a lot of big roots to obtain that water. An oak won't grow nice roots if the soil is too dry, and mulching around the tree is an easy way to keep the soil moist. You can do this yourself, or you can hire a tree service to deliver and place mulch. Many tree services turn the limbs they remove from other trees into mulch and deliver it to customers upon request.

3. Inspect any wood that you bring onto your land

Make sure that any mulch and any firewood that you bring onto your land comes from healthy trees. Oak wilt is a rather common disease among oak trees. It is caused by a fungus, and wood from infected trees can spread the fungus to living trees. If a tree becomes infected with oak wilt, it will die, so this is a precaution to be taken very seriously.

Planting oak trees is a great way to add character to your property. These trees attract and feed a lot of wildlife, and their trees provide lovely autumn color. If you follow the above tips when your trees are young, they will reward you with decades of beauty. Talk to a tree care service, such as Complete Tree Care, near you to learn more.