Trimming, Watering, and Beyond

Landscaping Services to Care for Your Yard's Unique Needs

Your landscaped yard provides you with an outdoor space that is pleasant, comfortable, and beautiful during seasons of the year. However, the landscaping and trees in your yard need appropriate care to keep the healthy and growing well. Here are some landscaping services you can select for your yard's unique needs and personalized vegetation care.

Specialized Tree Care

When your yard contains several trees of mature age, they can provide a beauty and feeling to your yard that is not attainable through any other type of vegetation. Trees provide shade to a large area in your yard and can also contribute oxygen to the air and sometimes fruit, and they have needs and health issues that need care. 

Trees in your yard need various types of care, depending on their type, age, and size. For example, if you have a willow tree in your yard, it will need some regular trimming to keep its crown maintained. You'll need to remove any weak branches that may be at risk of falling upon structures in your yard, or you may need to remove a tree that has become diseased or is dying.

Your tree professional can evaluate the tree and its condition to determine if they can save the tree and remove the affected branches, or if the entire tree needs to be cut down. If your tree needs to be removed from your yard, your tree professional can arrange for its safe removal and can also remove the stump within the soil. A stump left behind might make for a great ornamental surface, but can get in the way of your reusing the soil site for other growth.

Talk to your tree care company about grinding the stump to remove it from the soil. This process breaks down the stump into wood chips that provide nutrients to and enrich the soil for future growth.

Lawn Care

Your lawn is another big part of your yard's landscaping, as it covers a large expanse of soil over your property. A healthy and cared for lawn can not only reduce wind and water erosion but it will cool your outdoor space during the heat of summer and provide a surface for games and activities outside. 

Weekly mowing is essential to keep your lawn a managed and healthy height, so be sure you can accommodate this task. Otherwise, hire a landscaping company or neighbor to complete the work for you. Also, keep up on your lawn's water needs during the heat of summer. Unless you live in an area that receives plenty of rainfall, regulate your lawn's watering to make sure it receives 1–1.5 inches of water each week from irrigation or sprinklers.